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It is very difficult to find the stamps true collectors are looking for, but when you visit Rockford Coin & Stamp Co, you can be positive that we will have the biggest collection of stamps in and around the area. Go through our stamps today and see if we have what you have been looking for!
Rockford Coin & Stamp Co is a must stop for you, whether you are an amateur collector, or if you are looking to make an early purchase, or if you are a true collector!
Postage Stamps

American History in Postage Stamps

Stamp collection is a great way to collect and preserve a piece of American history. All the stamps we offer you here are of the highest quality. We also purchase your stamps at a premium rate. Drop by today for a true tour of American history through the beauty of stamps.
To buy and sell postage stamps, visit us today at 4403 Center Terrace.
Want to know the real value of your current collection? Bring it to us and we will tell you its worth.
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